Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme

Online ordering & payment options

Online ordering & payment options

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Note: The minimum order quantity for the Tubex Collection & Recycling scheme is 6 bags.

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Recycling Bulk Bag (~350-400 standard tree shelters per bag) 6 £46.80 £39.00 2%
Collection and Recycling
Recycling Bulk Bag (~350-400 standard tree shelters per bag)
48.00 40.00
46.80 39.00
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Tubex distributor

Tubex Distributor

We are an official Tubex distributor.

Minimum Order Value

Please note that there is a minimum order value of £50.00 + VAT, excluding delivery.


There is no delivery charge for the Tubex Collection & Recycling scheme. Any delivery charge calculated within the basket is for additional lines. For full details on delivery please view our delivery page.

Research has shown that saplings protected by Tubex tree protection have consistent survival rates (over 90%).

Once their useful life protecting a tree has come to an end, the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme aims to create a second life for Tubex Tree Shelters by reusing the plastic in them.

Tubex have a bespoke recycling centre and can recycle any genuine Tubex tube, however old and whatever its condition.

It is the first closed loop scheme of its kind in the UK (plant > protect > remove > collect > recycle), giving tree shelters a new life, while ensuring a clean environment.

Tubex Map

Order bulk bags and arrange collection via British Hardwood Tree Nursery (BHT) and recycle your tubes in 3 easy steps; order bags + remove tubes + request collection.

The 2022 season price is £39 + VAT / bag (includes bag and collection), with a minimum order quantity of 6 bags.

Collections run from May to September (i.e. outside of the bare root planting season), however bags can be sent out all year round to be filled in preparation for collection.

Should you have less than 2100 tubes we recommend taking them to your local Recycling Centre for processing.

NOTE: Tubex are unable to recycle other brands of tree protection because they cannot guarantee what type of polymer has been used to make them. To recycle other brands of tree protection we suggest using a local provider or

Features & Benefits

Introduced in 2021, the Tubex Collection & Recycling Programme has delivered impressive results.

Tubex made over 45 collections across mainland UK, ranging from the south coast up to Scotland, and from Wales to the east coast.

150,000 used tree shelters were collected. 

This is the equivalent of 21 tonnes of material to be made into new tree shelters.

A great start – which we hope will be followed by an even busier collection programme this season.

With the new (reduced) flat rate price of £39/collected bag anywhere on the UK mainland (minimum of 6 bags/location), Tubex are further improving accessibility to the scheme to promote recycling.

Tubex bulk bags

Step 1: Order

Estimate how many Tubex Tree Shelters you plan to recycle and contact British Hardwood Tree Nursery to order your bags (via our Contact page or phone 01673 818443 Mon to Fri 8.30am to 5pm).

Each Tubex bulk bag can hold c.350 to 400 nested tubes.

Tip: We recommend wearing gloves and using a safety knife when removing tubes. 

Nesting the cut tubes

Step 2: Removal

To remove the Tubex Tree Shelter, open or cut the cable tie and remove from the tube.

Remove the stake.

Slit the tube down the join line using a safety knife to avoid damaging the tree.

Open the tube and remove it from the tree.

Nest the tubes together and place into the bulk bag, with the ends facing upwards, fitting as many into the bag as possible.

Tip: Cable ties can either be placed in the bottom of the Tubex bulk bag and Tubex will ensure they are recycled, or they can be taken to your local Recycling Centre.

Recycling bags

Step 3: Collection

When you have filled at least 6 bags contact BHT to arrange collection.

Your details will be passed to Tubex who will be in contact to discuss when they will collect your bags.

Tip: Tubex will plan the optimum route to collect your bags along with other clients – so collection may not be immediate.

Is there a minimum order quantity that can be collected at any one time from a site?

Yes. The minimum quantity for collection for each site visit is 6 bulk bags. A bulk bag will hold 350 to 400 standard tree shelters, so 6 bags is approximately 2100+ tubes.

Can any Tubex tree shelter be collected?

Yes. Any genuine Tubex product, regardless of age or condition can be collected and recycled. They will be sorted into different materials (polymers) during the recycling process.

Can any plastic tree shelter or protection be collected and recycled by Tubex?

No. Tubex are only able to recycle genuine Tubex products due to the unknown materials in other products.

Can I use any bulk bag?

No. You should only use the dedicated Tubex branded bulk bags because this enables Tubex to calculate the quantity of material available for recycling.

How much do the bulk bags weigh when full?

It depends on the type of Tubex product and how efficiently the bulk bags are filled, however as an estimate allow for 35-60kg.

Will the collection vehicle have a forklift truck on it?

No. The bulk bags will need to be hand lifted (two person job) onto the collection lorry.

When will the collection scheme run?

Collections will run from May to September (ie outside of the bare root planting season), however bags can be sent out all year round to be filled in preparation for collection.

Why do I have to pay for the bulk bags?

The cost per bag covers postage, haulage, cleaning and processing. Whilst this is a not-for-profit Scheme, there are costs associated with recycling which need to be covered to make the scheme sustainable for the long-term.

Who fills the bulk bags?

The customer is responsible for filling the bulk bags.

Who collects the bulk bags?

Contact BHT to arrange collection of your bulk bags. Tubex will collect them. Note – Bulk bags must be left in a location where an articulated lorry will not be obstructed upon collection.

What happens to my bulk bags after collection?

Once collected Tubex will take your filled bulk bags either directly to their facility for sorting and recycling, or to BHT HQ for storage until they are ready to process them.

Where is the Tubex Recycling Centre?

It is centrally located in Derbyshire.

What happens to the bulk bag when it arrives at the Recycling Centre?

The tubes are sorted and cleaned and then processed into plastic pellets. 

What happens to the recycled plastic?

The recycled plastic pellets created from the old Tubex tubes go on to be used in more Tubex tree protection or to Berry Global (who own Tubex) to assist in their manufacturing processes.

Tubex standard tree shelters already contain up to 30% of recycled polymer and the Tubex netting up to 85%. Tubex are aiming for their Standard tree shelters to be manufactured with 100% recycled content as soon as they have enough availability of recycled material. For more information please see

Download PDF

Download Advice Sheet

Our advice sheet can be downloaded in PDF format for convenience.

Download link:
Tubex Collection and Recycling Programme - Advice Sheet (230 KB)